Writing is an extension of our soul that seeks to formulate easily flatlined 2-dimensional words into vibrant 3-D virtual realities.
But, unless we are willing to release the raw emotions tied to our story, they won’t become a touchable truly relatable language that sparks meaningful conversations with another’s soul.
An emotionless language is like pressing our hands onto a glass wall to symbolically touch a prisoner's hand on the other side.
They may appreciate our gesture, but they won’t be able to feel the warmth of another’s skin touching theirs, and the memory will be encased in a cold hard reality that still leaves them imprisoned.

While writing a book has always been on my “bucket list”, life brought plenty of distractions and I found it easier to distance from a dream, rather than face the realities of reaching into the hidden places and bringing out my heart’s vulnerability to become an authentic voice. So, while I continually wrote, I rarely shared the words that quietly tumbled out in my private times of raw transparency.
But just as life will bring everyone more than enough distractions to excuse our avoiding pursuing a passion...the crying voice of our orphaned destinies can only be silenced and satisfied when we sync our soul with the Creator's heartbeat and become a ventriloquist of our unique purpose.

During the publishing process of this book, my twin passion and previous profession of visual art was allowed to reawaken and accompany some writings with hand drawn illustrations. It was like seeing an old friend estranged by uncontrollable circumstances, but our reunion was like we had never parted. It was a completed circle that had been silenced and segmented, but never stolen. I’m grateful for every opportunity that offers me another dance with Creator's heartbeat and be able to join with others in the Round Dance of life.

The core perspective of my authoring efforts are spiritual with an understanding of Creator's sovereign Spirit, who is the author of all truth in life’s journey. It’s within this context that my words are written and illustrations drawn with the hope they will enrich lives, help others heal, and encourage them to embrace estranged destinies.